Working Together to Make a Difference - Combining People and Technology for Results.

qualityIntegrated Transcript Solutions (ITS) is a collaborative, domestic-based company located on the West Coast. We are a premier service provider of documentation solutions for hospitals, clinics, attorneys and insurance companies throughout the United States.

We only utilize US-based transcriptionists and are committed to maintaining a highly-skilled team of transcriptionists and a technologically-savvy support staff to serve our clients.

We understand your need for consistent delivery of high quality, time-sensitive reports. In fact, we have built our reputation on efficiently providing our clients with innovative solutions to their documentation needs with a steadfast commitment to quality.

Integrated Transcript Solutions strives to provide our customers with the highest quality service at competitive rates, with emphasis on customized solutions based on the needs, requirements, and culture of the individual organization.

experience 1Our 20 years of experience, skilled transcriptionists and advanced technology allows us to produce cost-effective, high-quality transcription for doctors, clinics, hospitals, attorneys and professional businesses of all sizes.

Integrated Transcript Solutions is dedicated to developing successful long-term business relationships by demonstrating the company's commitment to the goals of our clients.

  • We handle our client's needs with urgency.
  • We value personal responsibility and corporate credibility.
  • We emphasize personal attention to meet each client's daily needs.


Integrated Transcript Solutions is dedicated to providing reliable documentation solutions through innovative technology and with a steadfast commitment to quality, while supporting our clients and employees to create meaningful relationships.

We exist to create solutions by working together.... combining people and technology for successful results.

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