careerThank you for your interest in a career opportunity with Integrated Transcript Solutions, Inc. ITS is a fast-growing, US-based transcription company catering to the needs of various-sized medical, legal and insurance clients.

Our client base is rapidly expanding, so we are constantly searching for top-notch, experienced individuals who are highly motivated and take pride in their work.

Here are the skills and qualifications we are looking for and the system requirements needed: 



Must reside in the United States
Minimum 5 years of experience as a medical or general transcriptionist
Ability to transcribe at a minimum of 98% accuracy rate
Experience with ESL dictation (preferred)


Excellent hearing acuity and typing speed
Above-average knowledge of English grammar and correct usage
Thorough knowledge of human anatomy, medical terminology and drugs
Keen attention to detail, both in proofreading and listening

requirements listSystem Requirements

Broadband (high speed) internet access
Windows XP or higher
Microsoft Word 2003 or higher
Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Microsoft .Net Frame 3.5 installed
4 MB available hard drive space
2 GB RAM minimum
IN-USB Foot pedal

If you are interested in employment or partnerships with us, please fill out the form below and our transcription recruiter will respond promptly.

*Be prepared to undergo a series of transcription and editing tests.

Contact Integrated Transcript Solutions: 559-207-3904   mail

7797 N. First Street, Ste. 66 Fresno, Ca 93720