Medical Transcription

Integrated Transcript Solutions offers a comprehensive range of superior quality and cost-effective medical transcription services to a wide variety of hospitals, clinics and physician practices.

Our highly experienced executive team will work closely with you to understand all aspects of your documentation needs in order to provide the best possible solution.

We offer fast turnaround times including stat, 4 hr, 8 hr, 12 and 24 hr turnaround times at a very affordable cost.

We have dedicated teams for various specialties.

All of our transcriptionists and quality assurance staff are highly proficient in various medical specialties and possess a strong command of correct English grammar usage.

We are able to incorporate client-specific templates and provide a variety of formatting options tailored to your specific needs.

Legal Transcription

We offer a cost-effective and efficient transcription solutions for law offices regardless of their size.

With our round the clock availability of specialized legal transcriptionists, we deliver accurate legal documents on time, every time.

Our legal transcription team has an excellent track record in providing accurate documentation across many legal areas such as workers' compensation, corporate, family, criminal and real estate law.

We are confident that whatever your documentation needs are, we will be able to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.


Insurance Transcription

Integrated Transcript Solutions offers verbatim insurance transcription.

We hold our insurance transcription to a high standard of excellence and maintain the same level of excellence throughout the process with a number of quality checkpoints to ensure transcription accuracy and integrity.

The insurance transcription team is well-versed in transcribing recorded statements, property, casualty, and liability reports along with a variety of other documents and data.

The versatility created by our technology, coupled with a variety of dictation and delivery options, provides our clients great flexibility in how, when and where they dictate.

Our outstanding functionality makes our insurance transcription service a great productivity tool for our clients.

Turnaround Time

RushIntegrated Transcript Solutions has the capacity to meet your most stringent turnaround time requirements. We have leveraged the latest technology to create intelligent profiling and routing that sends the most urgent jobs to the appropriate team for completion.

ITS's web-based transcription technology platform and workflow components incorporate a transcriptionist profiling logic specific to work type specialties and routing rules. This workflow gives ITS a strategic advantage in delivering transcriptions with consistent quality, all in a shorter timeline.

Flexible Pricing

Integrated Transcript Solutions will meet all of your transcription needs in a cost-effective and quality-driven atmosphere. Our price structure is highly competitive and is based on volume, complexity and turnaround time. Our rates meet the standards of the U.S. industry, and depending on the volume, sometimes exceed the same.

maITS charges a set rate per line, per report or per minute based on your tailored needs, specified turnaround time, complexity and volume.

Your costs will be transparent from the beginning.

For lower volume practices wishing to attain a higher volume rate, we offer a "referral program" where those practices can qualify for a reduced rate by introducing other practices to our service.

ITS offers a suite of billing options, client-specific in their design, for our transcription services. Our invoices are conveniently sent out electronically every two weeks following the 1st and 15th of each month. Invoices can also be sent regular mail in addition to email at the client’s request.

As with the other solutions offered at ITS, we will customize your invoice according to the best solution for your organization.


Integrated Transcript Solutions utilizes cutting edge technology to ensure consistent, high-quality conversion of your audio to text output. ITS offers a repository of all transcribed documents and access is available via our secure server using the internet from anywhere in the US, anytime of day.

Transcription is searchable so you can effortlessly find the information you need when you need it. ITS also allows clients to track and monitor the journey of the document from receipt of the dictation through delivery of the transcribed document. ITS designs the client-specific workflow within our platform that re-creates the client’s needs utilizing electronic folders that can be streamlined and titled per the facility’s discretion.

Integrated Transcript Solutions technology features include better HIPAA security measures, EHR integration, customized telephony solutions and portal-based document management tools, to name a few.


Key Features:

  • EHR interfacing. ITS's web-based technology is designed to help practioners regain lost productivity through an increased use of dictation in their workflow. Our web-based technology integrates and compliments your EHR use through an automated import of transcribed documents into the patient’s record within the EHR.
  • Smartphone dictation. Physicians/staff can use their iPhone or Droid smartphones to dictate notes wherever and whenever, with encrypted file transfer into the workflow.
  • E-sign and countersign. Attending physicians can e-sign their own documents and countersign the e-signed documents of residents or other associated care providers.
  • Online document review. Edit, print, and process documents through our online application, which provides anytime/anywhere document access in a HIPAA compliant environment.
  • Auto-faxing and auto-printing. Use our system to automatically fax and/or print your documents to recipients on a variety of different workflow triggers – like when the note is initially completed or when it is e-signed.
  • Document archiving. 100% of all transcribed documents are archived and searchable on-line, 24/7, regardless of when they were transcribed. Document archiving ensures continuity of documentation in the event of system downtime or misplaced documents.
  • HIPAA Compliance. All documents carry two different auditing controls which log in every document access. Staff can be assigned up to 16 different permission levels for document access and control, and all documents rest on servers in a biometrically controlled environment at 256-bit encryption.
  • Fully customizable call-in dictation system. ITS’s phone system can completely mimic your current phone system’s workflow and keypad entries – all the way down to retaining the user's current ID.
  • Manage multiple locations. Web-based account management enables clinics/practioners with multiple sites to limit or allow document access across staff, physicians and locations.
  • Search / Sort. Documents are never removed from your online accounts, so you have the ability to always access all documents you have ever had transcribed.
  • Electronic CC Review. This feature allows courtesy copies to be sent electronically between providers/staff within the same organization rather than via fax or mail.


Benefits of Transcription Outsourcing

By choosing to outsource transcription to Integrated Transcript Solutions you get a host of important business benefits including: 

You benefit by getting the most cost-effective use of your departmental budget because you are only paying for the services you actually use.

  • No need to pay fringe benefits and taxes for on-staff transcriptionists.
  • We handle all the headaches that come with an in-house transcription or word processing center.
  • Elimination of transcription staffing and management costs.
  • No more worries about cost or document completion times associated with downtime due to illness and vacations.
  • No upfront investment in equipment or technology—we handle it all!
  • Access to a highly-qualified transcription team at all times.
  • Availability of additional office space in your facility to use as you wish.
  • Reduction in administrative tasks allows you to focus on what you do best.

Feel free to ask questions and request additional information. It is our desire for your experience around each component of our solutions to be a positive one.

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